Frequently asked questions

1. How is CHEF WUAU! is preserved?

Remember CHEF WUAU! is a completely natural diet with NO artificial preservatives, that's why CHEF WUAU! must always be frozen. 

2. Which is the main difference compared to other natural diets?

In CHEF WUAU! all our recipes are baked, we are not a raw diet, on the contrary, we bring the ingredients to exact temperatures to eliminate bacteria and at the same time maintain the nutrients in the food, which not only encourages the flavor of our recipes but also facilitates its digestion.

Our meatball presentation makes it even easier to serve to your dog, so you just need to defrost the portion you need and not the whole package. 

3. Do I need to cooked CHEF WUAU! ? 

No, CHEF WUAU! is already gently cooked by a baking process, that means the only thing you need to do to serve to your dog is defrost it. 

4. Why should I change from a regular commercial diet? 

Commercial dog food is made with highly processed flour, low quality ingredients, and sometimes not even real protein. It contains high volumes of carbohydrates that dogs can't fully digest which limits them from absorbing essential nutrients. 

5. What is the daily portion for my dog? 

You should feed between 3% (for an adult dog) and 4% (for a puppy), taking into account a dogs ideal body weight. The exact portion depends on different factors like age, weight, and activity. Please check our table on the daily portion section or contact us, we will be happy to give you complete nutritional advice for your dog.